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    Why a Ping Pong Project?

    The Ping Pong Project is City Mine(d)’s response to the way the city is structured. The networks people are connected to, or disconnected from, shape their lives. Some networks are physical grids -like gas supply, electricity or telecommunications- others are social relations –like the networks of people we tap into or the institutions we work with-,but very often they set the boundaries of what we can do.

    City Mine(d) wants to create yet another network. But one that has no other purpose –commercial nor institutional- than to foster exchange and deliberation of ideas on the neighbourhood and to establish the right environment for novel and inclusive collective action and partnerships. We also convinced that the best place for people to meet in the city is its public space, which explains the location of the terminal of this PPP. The closing event of the project is hopefully the start of people’s involvement in their local area, through new, organised or personal ties.

    How does it work?

    • inputs will connect to three mother loads, which are connected directly to the engine.
    • the engine is a 3,0 kW vacuum cleaner engine adapted for this purpose.
    • the tubes are 50mm black and transparent drain pipes.
    • to loose a minimum of power, the pipes make a maximum angle of 45°.
    • on the public highway the pipes will run through the air attached to posts, on private land they can run over ground.
    • the inputs are the ones Lamson developed for their vacuum cleaner systems, and can be secured.
    • main-pipelines are secured with valves controlled by constant monitored flow of air
    • the collector is an air tight container with transparent sides, so people can see the evolution of the project during the course of the week.
    • the system is dismountable and will be reused in other cities

    Can I take part?

    Oh yes you can. If you live in our catchments area (North Wembley), you can take part in building and managing the system.
    You can get involved by coming to the community meeting on 17 August 2005 at 7.30pm in the Windermere Pub on Windermere Avenue.
    If you run a semi-public space in the area (a pub, club, school, sports centre…) you can even get an input point in your building. If you live outside the area, you can still help us build between 23 September and 28 September 2005.

    Does my area need a PPP?

    City Mine(d) are no urban doctors, we don’t cure sick areas. However, our work does manage to bring the will of people to change their area together. So if you think your area could do with an imaginative public project, and you live in the city, do contact City Mine(d).

    Whose paying?

    As most of City Mine(d)’s interventions, there is no single commissioner. The Ping Pong Project is supported by Brent Council creative development, as part of section 106, and as part of part of Tripolis, Urban art and the public sphere ( for the European Commission (Culture2000) and the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie and Algiers (Vlaamse Gemeenschap). However, it would not be possible without the generous support of Lamson Installatietechniek, and a large number of local people.