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    The network of narrow tubes will be under construction from 20 February to 7 March. The tubes will run over and along Windermere Ave., Carleton Ave. East, Strathcona Rd., Logan Rd., Preston Rd., St. Augustines Ave., East Lane and Pellat Road. From 8 to 11 March, everyone from the Brent community will be able to take part in the project by writing or drawing on ping pong balls and ‘posting’ the ping pong balls into the ends of the tubes.
    The network will have input points at the Windermere Post Office, The Windermere Pub, Preston Library, Strathcona Day Care Centre, Aspekts, The Century Bowling Club and Wembley Manor Infant and Junior schools, with the possibility of others. From these points, the balls will carry people’s ideas, opinions and creativity through the vacuum tubes to a central point at the GEC sports area on Pellat Rd. A celebration will be held at the GEC Sports Ground on 11 March from 1 pm: all the decorated ping pong balls will be on display, and there will be great food and drink, and performances by people from Brent and from elsewhere. The Mayor of Brent will be presented with some of the ping pong balls at the closure event. While others will be displayed throughout the area, later travelling to Brussels and Barcelona where the project will continue.