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    The Ping Pong Project
    is a public arts project proposed to take place in North Wembley (London) in the Spring of 2006. The Ping Pong Project is taking place in Brent in March. A giant
    structure of vacuum-suctioned tubes and ping pong balls will arrive in North
    Wembley towards the end of February (this will take some time to erect….
    volunteers welcomed with open arms) and the system will run for four
    days from 8th-11th March.

    PingPongPilot Interview

    Residents and visitors to the area will share their ideas, opinions and creativity by writing or drawing on ping pong balls, then posting these
    into the network of clear plastic tubes, which will cover an area of 1 sq.
    mile. (If you’re curious about how we’re doing this, wait for the next installment: details will soon be available on our website.) Systeminputs
    will be located in ‘shared spaces’ including a pub (The Windermere
    Arms), the Preston Library, Strathcona Day Option Development Centre, a post office
    and a couple of local schools.

    There will be a celebration and closure event on Saturday March 11th at the
    GEC Sports Ground (on Pellat road near East Lane), with live performances, local art on
    display, and food and drink. Again, if you want to get involved, just let us
    know. The collected ping pong balls will be displayed on wire frames so that
    everyone can see and read them.

    The Ping Pong Project is an opportunity for people to meet and
    (re-)discover their area, to express themselves, to exchange ideas, and perhaps to
    build some lasting connections. Some of the decorated ping pong balls will be
    sent on to Brussels, where a similar project – using the same set of materials -
    is planned for later in the year. Remember, London is not just about its tourist destinations!

    City Mine(d) has now run two pilot ping pong projects: one at the Brent Respect Festival in July 2005; one at the City Learning Centre @ Queens
    Park in January 2006. Both worked well – we got great feedback, lots of people
    got involved, and now we know the system works!

    We’ve also recently managed to define ourselves in one sentence. See

    ‘City Mine(d) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to inspire positive
    involvement in the city by promoting creativity in urban public space.’